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RIMAS ENGINEERING (Italy) designs and produces, turn-key ready, lines for lamination for different types of products, used in various commercial fields, taking into consideration problematics and individual requirements of the client; Considering that only with the help of TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED and reliable facilities and machines it’s possible to maximize the production efficiency and to be competitive in the market becoming always more complicated. RIMAS is distinct for the usage of innovative technologies, warranty maintenance during the life cycle of the machinery and for the experienced and versatile team of engineers. Thanks to the qualitative superiority achieved, RIMAS ENGINEERING is vain of proper clients- enterprises of the international level and its machines which work in different parts of the world and produce the various articles; its name and its logo are recognized on the national and international level thanks to a vast network of agents.

The quality

The organizational process platforms in accordance with the internal quality system certificated ISO 9001-2008, which guaranties the product quality, in the same time providing flexibility in the service offered to the clients. Accuracy in the design and the continuing innovation are always highly valued by our clients.

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